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We serve all product with complete designing , maintainence and supply....

A team of industrial, mechanical, computer, electrical, electronic and control engineers by using the known programs and software are responsible for the best design in Afghanistan that meets national and international standards and codes such as NFPA, British Standards (BS) and other related codes.
Our designs cover the following:
• Fire detection & alarm systems
• Automatic fire sprinkler systems
• Fire Suppression systems
• High expansion foam systems
• Dry and wet riser
• Fire hydrants & hose reels
• Automatic fire extinguishers
• Portable fire extinguishers
• Water spray systems
• Control system

By using a team of expert
engineersand technicians all
installations related to fire protection
systems and control systems such as
automatic fire sprinkler, dry and wet riser, fire hydrants, automatic and
manual fire extinguisher system can
be done.

Customer Service
One of the important thing in every system is maintenance, especially in fire protection subject that system must always be ready to work to prevent fire.
All system components must be maintained in operable condition and shall be serviced and maintained properly.
AFPC maintenance program includes:
• A thorough system test Maintenance:  
• A system inspection conducted by an individual designated by the system owner  
Training Fire Fighter

The fire protection is an important subject that’s related to human life.A small mistake can cause a very big fire and a potential big fire can be prevented by a little bit attention.So it’s our responsibility to train our customers to work easily with fire protection systems from the simplest to the complicated one. In addition AFPC is always ready to give it’s knowledge and periencetoeveryorganization, institute and company about fire prevention,
using fire protection systems and fire fighting equipmentmaintenanc

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