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Our Main Office AFPC (Afghanistan Fire Protection Center) is a Certificated Afghan Company for Fire Protection in Afghanistan.with several years experience in designing,manufacturing,supply and installation of fire fighting equipments andwith an expert team of engineers and technicians regarding to all fields of Fire Protection and Fire Safetyfrom the installation of Simpleist System to the Designing of Complicated fire Suppression System can be done.
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The (Afpc) division was started in the year 2008 as part of the expansion program of BARG CO. The lack of such center in Afghanistan promted us to lunch a separate division for fire protection,as there were not many companies,offering quality product and services in FIRE protection , Hence, we felt that it is our responsibility too, to protect human nation and the environment from fire disasters by providing our product and services, economically. With in the span of short time the AFPC

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